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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Holy Screaming Batman

Jenna had to get some shots today to be up to date enough to stay in school.  Seems we fell behind when she had pneumonia last year.  Anyway, we get to the doctor's office (my second time today) to find out she doesn't even need to see the doctor cause she doesn't need a well-visit.  We get in the examination room and Jenna crawls into the corner under the examination table....gonna be a good time!  The nurse comes in and Jenna freaks.  Now, the nurse was wearing a Yankees t-shirt, but I know Jenna wasn't just freaking because of that.  The nurse says she has special alcohol pads that will numb Jenna's arm so she won't feel any of the 4 shots she has to believe that one, Jenna, Mommy has a pony she wants to sell you.  The nurse leaves to get the shots ready and Jenna is on edge.  If I didn't know any better I would say she was going through withdrawal something fierce. She was pacing, jumping up and down, crawling into corners, hanging on the door.  She was out of control.  The nurse comes back with her "special pads" and Jenna tries to crawl into my shirt.  I have never heard Jenna scream like that before in my life.  I am sure all the people waiting in the waiting room were bout ready to turn hide and run.  They probably thought she was being murdered.  I am pretty sure I dread the shots more than Jenna does and I know it's only going to get worse.  I haven't told her she has to go back next month for her 5 year old well-visit which included the flu shot. :(  Not touching that one till we get to the office.  Maybe I will call in sick that day and Matt can take her.

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