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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

20 Ways to Reset When Your Child is Having a Hard Day

I found this article while I was "playing" around on the internet and I could not have found it on a more perfect day.  I feel like the last two days have been so rough and this is just what I need....a reset button!  Hope this helps some of you like it has helped me. 

20 Ways to Reset When Your Child is Having a Hard Day

Monday, April 16, 2012

My 5 year old has insomnia???

Is this possible?  Can a 5 year old suffer from Insomnia?  I have not gotten a diagnosis from her pediatrician yet but I am at a loss for what could be keeping Jenna up every night till 11!  We have a had her on a 730-8pm bedtime every night since she was born and she hasn't had much of a problem with it.  Of course, during the summer we keep her up a little bit later each night but I can't, for the life of me, figure out why, all of the sudden, she can't seem to fall asleep till 11.  I thought it was the allergy medicine but I switched her to the 12 hour medicine and I give it to her in the morning AND she hasn't had it in 2 days!  In the past 2 weeks, she has put ME to bed a couple of times.  I am hoping that with her being back at school today after a week of Spring Break, she will go to sleep in a heartbeat tonight.  Fingers crossed...

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tips from the Jersey Diva

A few weeks ago I got the best email!  Kristin from Tips From The Disney Diva asked me to write for her blog!!!  She stated she read my blog and likes my writing style.  Of course, I jumped at the opportunity to get my writing and blog out there.  I just finished my first article and I can't wait for it to be "published."  I wrote an article about military discounts offered at Disney World.  We are heading to Disney in December and I am already writing down topics that I can "research" while there and write when I get back.  I hope you all will check out Tips From The Disney Diva if you are planning a Disney trip. When my article gets posted I will put the link up on my blog!  By the way, my "diva" name is Jersey Diva ;)


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Never A Dull Moment

Sickness seems to have settled itself in nicely here at our house.  If I remember correctly, one or more of us has been sick for the past 2+ months.  It's Emily's turn again...she has pink eye in both eyes and a throat infection.  Of course, today was not a day we needed sickness here.  It was R's 1st birthday party and I had to make the cake.  The cakes were baked, just needed to be decorated.  Something told me to not wait till nap time to start decorating so I started earlier.  Good thing...Emily didn't want to nap.  Her poor eyes were bothering her.  I had the cake assembled but still needed to add the final touches but I took Emily to medemerge to get her checked out.  Of course, we get there and she's Miss Personality and all amped up.  :)  Get home and Matt takes Jenna to R's party.  Emily wanted to cuddle so it was extremely hard for me to finish the cake.  I had to call Matt home so he could sit with her and I could finish the cake.  I did it!!!
 I was going for the Caterpillar from the "Baby Einstein" videos...I think I got it. :)  This one was a tough one for me because I wanted it to be "textured" but I was also making my own buttercream and that would have taken me FOR.EV.ER!  All worked out, Emily is on medicine and sleeping (hopefully through the night) and I am getting ready to get to bed myself....yes, at 9pm on a Saturday.  Don't judge me!