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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

An Unscheduled Visit

Just got back from the doctor for an unscheduled visit.  I have been monitoring my blood pressure and heart rate since last week's visit.  On Friday morning, my heart rate was 124.  I sent a text to Nana (who happens for work at my doctor's office) and she said to keep monitoring it and if it gets that high again, I would have to go in to the office.  Well, this morning my heart rate was 124 and I was seeing flashes of light.  I stopped what I was doing, tried to calm myself down and took my blood pressure.  My blood pressure has been fine, it's just my heart rate that seems elevated at times.  I called Nana and she told me to get into the office NOW and they would check my blood pressure.  All was good while I was there.  In fact, when the doctor took my blood pressure it was 120/60....normal!  The doctor checked the baby's heart rate and said all is great.  My regularly scheduled appointment is on Monday and I have to do a 24 hour urine sample and bring that with me and they will do more blood work then as well.  I'm 31 weeks along and this baby is certainly making her presence known. Matt finished painting the nursery yesterday and I am excited to start decorating.  Pics will be posted when all is done.  Off to rest to I can keep my blood pressure and heart rate down.  

Monday, February 11, 2013

10 weeks to go...

Today was my 30 week appointment.  Nothing exciting about this appointment but I thought I would share.  Had an ultrasound to check the baby's growth.  She is a bit over 4 lbs.  She gained a pound in 2 weeks!  The doctor assured me that she is still growing along the curve nicely.  My blood pressure is still good and my glucose test came back fine.  There was some protein in my urine but the doctor is not concerned...yet.  As long as my blood pressure stays "good" then there will be nothing to be worried about.  However, when I was pregnant with Em, the pre-eclampsia didn't rear it's ugly head till the end.  I just have to monitor my blood pressure to be sure all is good and remains good.  My C-section is scheduled for April 17th...the finish line is in view.  Just need to finish the nursery and I will be more than ready for our newest little lady to arrive.  

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Shower in Style Giveaway Event

There's still time to enter!

Sponsored by Change your, and hosted by S.O.S. Mom, Real Momma and The Bunny's Reviews, one lucky person will win an 8" LED lit shower head (as seen in picture above)! Prize is valued at $120. Pimping your shower, yes we are!

Change Your Bathroom is at the cutting edge of today’s popular home design trend. Their years of experience will guarantee a seamless finish. Whether budget style, or texture is at the front of your mind, they have the right look for you.

The team is composed of Josh, the tile installer/electrician. who has worked in remodeling for 14 years and is proud to be a 2nd generation home builder. His passion lies in turning his concepts into reality. He has created several products including but not limited to the inflowAIR dust containment system and our very own hidden drain system for curb-less showers. He also loves to create beautiful spaces and for the past seven years has made bathrooms his specialty. From custom projects including hidden TVs to more traditional projects, Josh enjoys a challenge.

Michelle, who is in charge of customer service and design. Her passion for design developed around her extensive travel through Europe. She sets new standards in the design industry. Michelle incorporates the strength of ancient architecture and beauty of modern concepts to create a whole new world of design options. Working with the home owner every step of the way, she works to bridge the gap between the contractor and the client. Michelle custom designs each bathroom as a work of art to be enjoyed forever.

And finally, Jesse the plumber/tile installer. Jesse is trained as a skilled tradesman and has been in the construction industry for over 10 years. As a 3rd generation plumber and 2nd generation remodeler, Jesse understands all aspects of the trade from demolition to completion; he has an eye for detail and strives for perfection. Jesse has been with the team for 5 years and continues to keep every project running smoothly. He enjoys working closely with the home owner to make each project simple and seamless.

Please visit Change Your Bathroom at this address to get acquainted with the work they do and offer. 

This giveaway event will be running until February 9th inclusively and is open to US residents only. To enter, simply fill the form below to gain entries to win.

Special thank you to co-hosts Give Oh Giveaway, Simply Sherryl, Tabby's Pantry and Tunica Mama

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