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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Feel Like I'm Doing Something Wrong...

I know Jenna is 4 going on 16 but most days I feel like I am just doing it all wrong.  She is so "fresh" to me and that's putting it nicely.  This morning I had to threaten to call Santa and she says, "well, if you call Santa on me, I am going to call him and you will get nothing too!"  There is no respect there and I am at my wit's end with her.  I wake up every morning and promise myself I won't let her "get to me" and I will not yell at her and she comes down the stairs demanding to wear this or that and she "won't take no for an answer."  WHAT?!?!?  No clue where she got that from but I end up breaking that promise to myself within the hour.  Her newest "trick" is rolling her eyes....that one sends me over the edge, especially when she does it while I am telling her not to do it.  I really hope she grows out of all of this sooner rather than later.  That is all...


  1. this made me chuckle - i think its a matter of time for me with this....i allways turn to www.positiveparentingsolutions for some cool 3rd party ideas on stuff. They helped me with when the kids constantly say "im sorry" for everything and then just do it again....LOL maybe they can help? im sure its a stage- keep up the good work-your an awesome mommy chica!

  2. Thank you very much! I know it's just a stage...waiting for it to pass is the hard part. :) Thanks for that website...I'll check it out!