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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Our trip was DUSHI!

Bon Dia!  Aruba is a wonderful, beautiful, amazing place! :)  As you saw in my last post, our trip there was lacking all over the place but once we landed in Aruba, I could feel things turning around (must have been the humidity). The first night there, Matt, Heath and I had dinner and ended up at the casino. ;)  Now, I was never one for gambling.  I like to get something for my money.  If I have an extra $100 laying around (like that ever happens), I don't see the point of just throwing it on black and letting it ride. :)  I would much rather go to Vera and get myself a new bag. ;) Ok, sorry, got a little off track. Anyway, we get to the casino and I decide to play Black Jack with Heath (one seat away) with Matt standing behind us. I started with $50 and left with $100!  :)  That's all it took to get the itch.  We went to the casino 4 nights out of 5 and I won 3 out of 4! :)  My big night was $190 (with a little help from Matt). We played Roulette together and were on fire. We quit while we were ahead and it was wonderful!  The night I lost, I only lost $40 so I was still feeling great! 
We woke up Monday morning and I was barely able to turn my head. When we left NJ, I had been having neck pain.  I vowed to make a appointment for a massage. We went food shopping so we would have some snacks and was $50 for a case of Heineken!  We got back to the hotel and I went for a deep tissue massage.  Holy hell, that little 4 foot nothing, 100 nothing woman beat the crap out of me!  She got to the knot in my neck and said "Oh my god!"...I'm assuming that's not good in any language.  I left there and didn't feel much better, in fact, I felt worse.  It took a day, but I felt wonderful and still do!  
The rest of the trip we spent our mornings at the beach and our afternoons at the pool.  We played Bingo at noon with the old people.  :)  We were the youngest ones there and it showed.  They rang a bell at 2:30 for happy hour and the old people were thinking it was the dinner bell.  :) 
Our last full day there, we wanted to do something fun.  The whole time we were there, we kept seeing a speed boat pulling a tube behind it.  We couldn't understand what was so fun about it since the ocean is wave free.  It looked like the people were just sitting on a couch being pulled behind a boat.  Boy were we wrong!  The ride was CRAZY!  I knew we were in trouble when the boat driver said "oh, you guys are young, I'm gonna flip you!"  :)  I never screamed so much in my entire life and I gave birth to Jenna naturally! We got flipped and it was the most beautiful thing in the world.  We were out in the ocean, it was 60 feet deep and you could see the bottom as clear as if it was 10 feet deep.  It was definitely a wonderful matter how many times I screamed for it to stop. :)
It was a great way to end our trip.  We were not particularly happy about coming home to snow but all good things must come to an end.  Although I am still upset I didn't buy the "Just call me Dushi" t-shirt.  Dushi means awesome in Aruba but I hesitated since dushi is too close to douchey here in the states. ;)  Anyway, our trip was, in fact, Dushi Dushi and I would go back in a heartbeat!  


  1. That's AWESOME!!!! I'm Glad you guys had a GREAT time and I Hope you get to make it back there REAL SOON.

  2. Thanks Jamar! Probably won't get back there for another 10 years but I WILL get back there. ;)

  3. Hi Jacqueline!

    We're happy to hear your time in Aruba was so DUSHI, and we're even happier you were able to share it with us!


    The DUSHI Community