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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Continental sucks!

Sorry for my language but they totally ruined the beginning of our trip! We were slotted to leave at 9am and arrive in Aruba (YAY!) at 1:30pm.  Well, we didn't leave Newark till a bit after 1pm!  What was the hold up, you ask?  Apparently, the air conditioning in the rear of the plane was not working.  Now don't get me wrong, if there is something wrong with the plane, I would much rather they fix it before we leave than have to do some emergency landing mid-flight.  BUT, it was all about the way they handled the whole situation.  We pulled away from the gate on time and were waiting on the tarmac to take off.  Then, after sitting there for over an hour (Matt was already into his nap), the pilot tells us there is a problem with the air in the rear (where we were sitting) and it would be fixed within minutes.  Well, within seconds, he gets back on to tell us we are returning to the gate and if we wanted to get off the plane we could but we didn't have to.  We head back and hit and the gate are told to gather all of our belongings cause we had to get off the plane.  Now, this is 10:20am...we exit the plane and are told we will depart at 11:15am.  We get some food and look for a bar (btw, they are all closed on Sundays in Newark Airport...wth?!).  The time then changes to 11:45am and we are getting more angry by the second.  At 11:30, they announce they will be giving each passenger a food voucher for $6 worth of food in the airport.  $6 for a meal?  Really?  In the airport?  Come on now!  Within minutes of receiving our vouchers (Heath and I were in the front of the line) they announce we will be boarding.  So much for the food vouchers.  I think they just did that to make themselves look good.  They didn't look any better in my eyes, they just pissed me off even more.  We board (again) and get a drink voucher to use on the plane.  Some of the passengers asked if they could use the lousy $6 food voucher on the plane and they told us they didn't accept them.  What?  You are the ones who gave them to us!  Idiots!  Anyway, we board, get settled, are a little happy about our free drink and we begin taxiing on the tarmac only to get that most wonderful announcement that the problem has NOT been fixed and they will attempt to fix it again.  After another hour + we finally take off.  The air felt wonderful, even a little cold BUT the front of the plane didn't have air! To make matters worse, the attendants were super nasty to us, like it was our fault we were 4 hours late!  We finally made it to Aruba and had an amazing to follow! 

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