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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Age is just a number...right?

Yesterday we were watching Pixar Shorts.  Well, there is a short that shows an older man (balding, grey hair, walks with a cane) playing chess against himself.  Chase says that the man is walking really slow and Jenna tells him it's because he is old.  Well, I took this opportunity to ask Jenna how old she thinks he is.  She says he's 100!  :)  I took it one step further and asked how old she thought I was.  She says 105! WHAT!?!?!  She giggles and says, "No Mommy, I think he's 105."  "Ok, Jenna, then how old does that make Mommy?"  "60!" Wow!  "Well, how old are you Mommy?"  I know I walked right into that one but, come on, 60?!?! 


  1. Love it. I dare not ask her royal majesty THIS question!

  2. So tell me, what's wrong with 60?

  3. Dave, nothing is wrong with 60...just not there yet! ;)
    Cindy, I am never asking her that question again! I knew I wouldn't like the answer but I asked anyway. :)