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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Class Birthday Celebration to the EXTREME!

‎One of the parents in Jenna's class has taken the birthday thing to an extreme now.  It's way out of hand. Let me explain...2 weeks ago we get an email from Jenna's teacher telling us that x's parents are throwing a pizza party in class for x's birthday.  A pizza party? For a child's birthday? During school?  Last night we get an email from x's parents telling us that the birthday invite we got earlier in the week was incorrect and x's birthday party is actually on Sat at 530 at Bounce U. (Jenna was out of school for 2 days and we didn't get the original invite) This is ON TOP of the pizza party which is being held today....with personal pizzas for each child!  I bring Jenna to school today and x's father is there to hand out the corrected invites (don't even get me started on the grammar!) and doesn't even give me an opportunity to thank him for the invite and decline, just tells me he will see me on Saturday and proceeds to give me the directions to the place. Whatever happened to a simple box of munchkins and maybe a jug of juice?  We all survived class birthday celebrations like that why can't our kids get the same thing?  I am interested to find out what will be in these goodie bags today...maybe a personal shellacked cake so we can remember x's 5th birthday forever. Am I off base here or are some parent's just out of their minds?


  1. You're lucky... it could've just as well have been a spa party at Gatsby's!!! Wait until X is 13!

  2. I hope X and Jenna part ways this year cause I don't think I want to know what's gonna happen the rest of her birthdays....too expensive to even think about!