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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Props to Working Mothers

**For this post, working moms (mothers) means a mother who works outside of the home**

I have to give props to working moms out there. Actually, let me clarify...working moms who also cook dinner for their families.  :)  I don't know how you guys do it.  Making dinner for me is an all day affair.  Now, that may actually be because I have all day to cook dinner but I don't know if I would be able to throw together a meal (or in our case, 2 meals) in say 30 minutes. Dinnertime around here is crazy.  It's usually the time Emily decides she wants me to hold her or dance with her or just pay attention to her.  This is why I tend to do all my prep work either in the morning or during nap time.  I try to keep as little work as possible for the hour before dinner because I know I will be holding, dancing with or giving all of my attention to Emily.  So, if you are a working mother who cooks for your family every night (or most nights) my props go out to you...for what it's worth.


  1. I'm a working mother and most nights my family fends for themselves. We're fatter, but hey, we have money right ;) lol

  2. I am a working single mom, however thank God I live with my mother because between the two of us, we alternate. Gives us both a break during the week!