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Thursday, March 15, 2012

10 Things I Loved About being Pregnant

Ok, now that I got that out of the way...  With Emily turning 2 next week, I realize I haven't been pregnant in 2 years....I miss it.  
While reading my April Parents Magazine I came across their list of 9 things they love about pregnancy and I thought, hey, I can make a list like that, so here goes...
1. My hair never looked better.
2. Ditto for my nails. :)
3. No heavy lifting for this mama! 
4. I had a nice place to rest my ice-cream bowl and an excuse to use it!
5. I loved the feeling of the private dance party that was going on inside of me.
6. I never felt more beautiful!
7. Holy Boobs! 
8. Elastic waist pants 24/7 for 9 months was ok.
9. I got to wear comfy shoes for 9 months too.
10.  For 9 months, I didn't have to suck it in! 


  1. Love this! Would make an awesome tag video!!!

  2. Number 10 is my favorite! LoL

  3. Thanks Jenna! Number 10 is my fave too! ;)
    Thanks Nicole! Maybe one day soon!

  4. You nailed it- especially with #6 and #10! I always LOVE not having to suck it in during pregnancy. I always feel so pretty and womanly, too. However, I always get BAD morning sickness, so that would have to go on my 10 Things I Hate list. I'm pregnant now and due in 2 days! I'm anxious to have her out, but I know I'll miss being pregnant when I'm not anymore.

  5. I consider myself lucky to not have had morning sickness during either of my pregnancies but I did have ALL day nausea and that was never fun. Congrats on your upcoming arrival! Good luck! I always miss being weird as that may sound. Enjoy your new bundle of joy! Thanks for reading!