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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Never A Dull Moment

Sickness seems to have settled itself in nicely here at our house.  If I remember correctly, one or more of us has been sick for the past 2+ months.  It's Emily's turn again...she has pink eye in both eyes and a throat infection.  Of course, today was not a day we needed sickness here.  It was R's 1st birthday party and I had to make the cake.  The cakes were baked, just needed to be decorated.  Something told me to not wait till nap time to start decorating so I started earlier.  Good thing...Emily didn't want to nap.  Her poor eyes were bothering her.  I had the cake assembled but still needed to add the final touches but I took Emily to medemerge to get her checked out.  Of course, we get there and she's Miss Personality and all amped up.  :)  Get home and Matt takes Jenna to R's party.  Emily wanted to cuddle so it was extremely hard for me to finish the cake.  I had to call Matt home so he could sit with her and I could finish the cake.  I did it!!!
 I was going for the Caterpillar from the "Baby Einstein" videos...I think I got it. :)  This one was a tough one for me because I wanted it to be "textured" but I was also making my own buttercream and that would have taken me FOR.EV.ER!  All worked out, Emily is on medicine and sleeping (hopefully through the night) and I am getting ready to get to bed myself....yes, at 9pm on a Saturday.  Don't judge me!