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Monday, January 2, 2012

'Tis the Season for Scammers

Now, I don't necessarily know that MDE Vacations is a scam but it's one of those "too good to be true" things.  Matt received a phone call this afternoon from MDE saying they had a wonderful promotion to offer him with a trip to Orlando.  Of course, being the wonderful husband that he is, Matt gives the woman permission to talk to me....whadda guy!  I got on the phone and listened for about 20 minutes to this chick explain the great promotion she had for us.  I am sure she was reading from a script because she took few breaks and just kept the information coming.  I was taking notes the best I could and was planning on asking her to send me the paperwork on this wonderful promotion.  When she finished and explained how much this wonderful opportunity would cost us, I asked her if I would be able to speak with my husband and call her back (since she informed me, in the beginning of her spiel, that they only call once to accommodate all of the lucky people to get this promotion.)  She put me on hold to see what she could do for me.  Then comes Robert, one of the promotional directors, on the line to lower the cost of this wonderful promotion and include another cruise (that's 2 cruises people!) as well as Companion Airline Vouchers (cause how else can we get to these wonderful places?).  That sounded great and I asked Robert if I could possibly call him back after speaking with my husband and he said "what's the issue?  Isn't he there right now?".  I really didn't feel like discussing this with some stranger on the hold.  As I was explaining this to Robert, he hung up on me while I was mid-sentence.  I did not appreciate that.  I called the phone number on the website that Robert had given me when I asked for this wonderful promotion in writing and had to leave a message. Apparently they are a "green" company and do not do mailings. Another one of the Directors called me back within 20 minutes which I really appreciated.  She told me Robert is an exemplary employee and would not hang up on anyone, we must have been disconnected.  I told her she should go back and listen to the recording of the conversation that Robert and I had (which he also told me when I asked for the promotion in writing) because I know when I'm hung up on and I didn't appreciate it.  I told her that Robert, the exemplary employee, did not even know the license number of the company when I asked him for it and he was annoyed when I asked for it.  She said that was a Directorial thing and he has only been a Director for a few months.  All she had was a bunch of excuses and was making me feel stupid.  I explained we would not be taking her up on this wonderful promotion and requested we be removed from their database. Beware of MED Vacations!!  We filled out an entry form at a Somerset Patriots games back in July and the small writing on the back (who reads the back of those things) apparently said they would be calling us. This is sad too cause it WAS a great deal! ;)

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