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Thursday, January 19, 2012

50 Things That Make Me Happy

So as I stated in my last post, I wanted to make a list of 50 things that make me happy.  Here goes...
1. My husband
2. My daughters
3. My family
4. My friends
5. Hearing Emily say "Mommy"
6. Hearing Emily say "No."  I know this one is weird but the way she has been saying no is so cute.  
7. Sleep.  More importantly, when my daughters sleep well, I am one happy mommy!
8. Watching Jenna and Emily play together.
9. Watching Matt play with the girls in the backyard.
10. Snow!  Yes, I know most people hate snow but I love it! I think it's beautiful and relaxing...when I get to stay home and watch it, of course.
11. Singing!  I love singing and I am super happy when I am doing it.
12. At Last by Etta James.  It's our wedding song and whenever I hear it, I smile because it brings me back to that wonderful night.
13. Giving gifts...I love seeing the joy on the person's face when I've gotten the gift JUST right.
14. Cooking...I know this one may come as a surprise but I just love it!  It makes me so happy to be able to put a bunch of things together and make something delicious.
15. American Pie by Don McLean...brings me back to our ZBT days and always makes me smile.
16. The look on Emily's face when I come in the door....priceless!
17. Hearing Jenna sing...she's the next American Idol people!
18. When Jenna really "gets it" when we are having a conversation.
19. Taking pictures...I love capturing moments that matter and even some that don't.
20. Looking at old pictures. I love to see how much the girls are really growing.
21. Watching football with my husband.
22. Pizza!!!  I love pizza and could eat it 24/7/365!
23. Blogging....I love being able to "talk" about things that come to my mind. Since the majority of my day is spent with toddlers, I need someone to talk to and blogging lets me do that.
24. Catching up with old friends.
25.'s my quiet time.
26. Swimming
27. Musicals...RENT, Les Mis, Miss them all!
28. Choirs....Concert Choir was one of the best times of my life (so far) and I miss being a part of a choir.  Hearing them now just makes me happy.
29. Christmas time.
30. Christmas Eve...all of my family being at my parents house, seeing the anticipation on the girls' faces, A Christmas Story on TV for 24 hours!!!  Need I say more?
31. Accomplishing a being able to check things off of my to-do list.
32. Holding a sleeping newborn
33. Hearing Jenna say "I love you mama"
34. Cuddling with Emily and Jenna
35. Having an uninterrupted dinner with my husband.
36. Jenna cleaning up after herself and Emily.
37. A clean and organized playroom.
38. Baking! Cookies, cupcakes, cakes, making them all!
39. Cake much as I stress about it and as hard as it is sometimes, I love doing it because I love seeing the finished project.
40. Movie Theater Popcorn....the more butter the better.
41. Getting a new haircut/style...always makes me feel like a new person.
42. Getting flowers, just because.
43. Hugs
44. A long hot (quiet) shower.
45. Bedtime
46. A pedicure
47. Family time
48. Fitting into an old pair of smaller jeans.
49. Smiles
50. Paying it forward


  1. #51 Looking forward to watching Jenna dance on stage <3
    I know I'm biased

  2. I AM looking forward to seeing her dance on stage. :) I know she is going to be wonderful...having a wonderful teacher and all.