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Thursday, January 19, 2012

40 awesome things I want to do in 2012

1. Build a snowman family. (Mother Nature didn't allow for this one!)
2. Tell knock-knock jokes with the kids.
3. Go ice-skating. (Mother Nature's fault again)
4. List 50 things that make me happy.
5. Write a thank-you note to someone I appreciate.
6. Organize my photos.
7. Surprise Jenna and Emily with balloons and streamers in their bedrooms when they wake up on their birthdays.
8. Examine a snowflake with a magnifying glass. (Yet again, I blame Mother Nature) ;)
9. Do something entirely unexpected on Leap Day. (Does getting a Stomach Virus count? Why yes, yes it does!) :(
10. Prank my girls on April Fool's Day.

11. Go TV-free for a whole day.
12. Decorate a shirt with "puffy" paint.
13. Crank up the music and dance. (We do this one a lot in our house)
14. Plan an elegant dinner party for Jenna and Emily.  Serve milk in martini glasses.
15. Bake some cookies for an elderly friend or neighbor.
16. Declare a backwards day: eat breakfast for dinner; start the day with bedtime stories.

17. Bait a hook and go fishing.
18. Sing my heart out. (Do this one EVERYday in the car!) :)
19. Delete all those spam emails that keep clogging up my inbox. 
20. Call an old friend and catch up.
21. Count the stars on a clear summer night.

22. Watch the Macy's Fireworks in person!
23. Ride a few roller coasters.
24. Catch fireflies and let them go.
25. Construct an impressive sand castle.
26. Press wildflowers in a book.
27. Just laugh. (The kids help with this one...everyday)
28. Squirt your kids with water guns.
29. Fill 100 water balloons and prepare for battle.
30. Drive to a new town and explore it. 

31. Go to more Rutgers Football games.
32. Picnic indoors on a rainy day. 
33. Go apple picking.
34. Organize a low-tech family game night.
35. Laminate a colorful fall leaf.  Write the date on the back.
36. Get lost in a corn maze.
37. When Jenna is home sick, I will read her as many books as she wants.(Unfortunately, we have had many days to do this one) :(
38. Make a handprint turkey with Jenna and Emily.
39. Praise Jenna and Emily for something.

40. Take a family trip to DISNEY!!! (Happening in Dec!  Can't wait!)


  1. Tear Tear.... This is cute! I LIKE IT!
    7 and 9 Sounds Great and I NEVER had this happen. I guess this is a perfect year for 9.

    I tried 17 this past summer. If it weren't for the little kid calling me a chump, I don't think I would have gone through with it.

    31. I went to RU Basketball game with Shady and had a blast! RU ra ra - RU ra ra (that's all I remember)

    27. ALWAYS a GREAT time!!!

    Good Luck with this 40! You're girls are going to have a GREAT Time!!!

  2. Thanks Nicole & Jamar!
    Jamar, you are more than welcome to join us on any of the list. :)