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Thursday, October 25, 2012

My long hiatus

I know, I are wondering where the heck I have been.  Well, this summer I was busy with the Fab 4.  Thankfully, my brother-in-law's sister and mother helped me a bit but trying to keep 4 children aged 1-5 busy was no easy task.  We had many fun day trips.  We went to the zoo, many parks, the Crayola Factory and other things that have slipped my exhausted mind.  I think it's safe to say we had a very fun summer.  Jenna was sad to have it end and go to school..guess that's good sign of a good summer. 

Just an update on what we have been up to....
We are now in full swing with school and activities.  Jenna decided she wanted to try soccer this year instead of dance.  She is quite the soccer star and enjoying it.  She has practice twice a week and a game every Sat.  Don't know how she isn't run-down tired but...wait, she is!  Soccer will be over soon and then I am going to make her sleep for a few days. :)  Wishful thinking, I know.  She is doing great in Kindergarten.  Actually, she is "Star of the Week" this week.  She was so excited.  All summer she talked about hos she would have homework and she couldn't wait for that.  Now that she has homework every night she is eating her words.  I told her to get used to it cause it won't end till she graduates college.  I, on the other hand, am failing Kindergarten!  Yes, I am a college graduate but I can't handle these simple directions, apparently.  For example, Jenna comes home with a sheet of paper and it reads (word for word) "Directions: Trace the shapes. Then find the shapes in the picture below."  Simple enough, right? WRONG!  I had Jenna trace the shapes and then she found all of the shapes in the picture.  She hands it into her teacher the next day.  It comes back with the dreaded red pen "Next time, color the shapes".  WHAT?!?!  Where in the directions did it say to color the shapes?  To really make her point, the teacher colored 2 of the 4 shapes! As if I wouldn't understand her directions.  Come on now!  UGH!!!  Makes me so angry.  If you wanted the shapes colored then tell us to color them to begin with.  Kindergarteners (and their parents) aren't mind readers.  So frustrating!  

Enough of that nonsense....

Emily has begun the Terrible 2 tantrums!  I know it's normal and it's because she can't communicate with us well enough but it's still getting to me.  She will go on and on and on for a good 5 mins.  I am great at ignoring them but she wants to be held sometimes during them but when I do she doesn't want to be held and then she wants to be held and you get my point. I am looking forward to this stage passing and quickly!  Emily did not take well to Jenna going to school.  For the first 2 weeks, every day at drop off, Emily would cry and cry that she wanted to Jenna.  So sad but we have gotten passed it...till next year, I'm sure.  

Think that brings us to present day....I promise I will write more. 

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