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Friday, August 16, 2013

All Our Bags Are Packed...

We are getting ready to head to Nags Head, NC for a week with 4 other families.  Sounds fun, right?  I am sure it will's getting packed and getting there that concerns me.  We are renting a beautiful 8 bedroom, 3 story home located a block from the beach.  Only downfall to renting a house is having to bring EVERYTHING with you.  I realized last night I won't have any where to bathe Erin, unless I bring her tub with us.  Yet another thing that has to be packed, or does it?  Now that I think about it, I am bringing her Bumbo seat, I can bathe her in there.  Problem solved...well, that one at least.  

We have a minivan which should allow us plenty of room to pack things, right? WRONG! We have stow and go seats that fold completely into the floor but we also have 3 car seats which doesn't allow us to stow too many seats into the floor. In fact, we can stow one but we also have to remember to allow room for the girls to get out of the car at stops. Sorry, Jenna & Emily, you can't get out to go potty till we get to Nags can hold it for 8 hours, can't you? That will go over well.

We have one of those car carriers for the top of the car which we have installed on the minivan.  I am hoping we can get a majority of the things we need up there so the car won't be busting at the seams.  

We packed the car last night and I feel so relieved because it all fit.  For those of you who know Matt, he is a wonderful Tetris player. :)  He has many years of experience packing up the car with us having lived in AZ and GA for a few years.  He fit everything in the car perfectly and you can't even tell we are going on vacation.  The girls will be nice and comfortable and there's even room for the dog who we will be dropping off at my in-laws in PA on the way.  

So, for now, the tough part is over.  Now we just have to get there and enjoy our week in North Carolina.  

Wish us luck!

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