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Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Bare Bottom Method

WARNING: Bragging to begin in 3, 2, 1...My daughters are potty training ROCK STARS!  A few of you asked me to share the potty training method I used with the girls.  Em is on day 2 and didn't have any accidents today. ** Ok, so I wrote that first part too soon.  Em had an accident, a MAJOR accident.  She POOPED in the playroom!  Of course, reading all things potty training will tell you that pooping is always the hardest part of potty training. Jenna had issues too so I am not worried about this little set back.** 

Ok, back to the method.  It's called the bare bottom method and in three days, your child can be potty trained.  It's diapers or underpants or tight pants or pull-ups or anything....just your baby's bare bottom.  Also, plan on being home for at least 2-3 days.  You will have accidents the first half of day #1 and you will most likely want to give up...DON' will get better.  The first day at nap, I put the girls in a diaper which I took off as soon as they woke up and put them on the potty.  The first night at bed, I put them in a diaper as well.  The 2nd day you will see less accidents and at nap, I didn't put a diaper on the girls and I moved the potty seat up into their rooms for nap so it was there if they needed it.  At bedtime on day #2 I still put them in a diaper but they are less wet than before we started potty training.  Now, the method I read about says to use bare bottom for at least 3 months but I feel like you don't need to do it for that long.  Plus, I usually just put the girls in nightgowns or dresses and if we want to leave the house, that's not appropriate.  By day #3 you should be accident free and having a wonderful time not changing diapers!  :)  

A few other tips:
*Give treats for going on the potty.  Jenna got M&Ms and Em gets chocolate chips (I didn't have M&Ms)

*Do a dance and sing a song when they go potty. Pee Pee on the Potty! Pee Pee on the Potty! :)  It works!

*Don't punish for accidents...just correct.  You don't want them to be afraid to go potty.

*If you have wall to wall carpeting, hang out in a room without carpeting. :) Makes accidents less stressful. We hung out in the kitchen and we baked cookies!  

*Like Freddy says, RELAX!  If you are stressed, your child will be stressed.  

Good luck and enjoy the wonderful world of no more diapers!!

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