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Friday, February 3, 2012

My Left Foot

So I went to the Doctor today for a large bump on my foot.  Leave the office with a soft cast and a walking shoe!  Apparently, I had a cyst on my foot and the tendons underneath the cyst are "damaged."  Anyway, the Doctor told me the cyst would not go away on it's own so he gave me a shot of steroids and a soft cast for a week.  Not really what I have planned for "Mommy/Emily Day."  I didn't realize how much I use my left foot.  You know, on a good day, it's just step with my right foot.  Today, I am having trouble walking up the stairs, turning around in the kitchen and even getting out of the car.  Who knew I would miss the full use of my left foot so much. :(  Feel like it's going to be a very long, wobbly week. 


  1. I came across your blog and loved it. I just had a couple of questions, so if you could e-mail me back that would be great. Thanks!