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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

An Unscheduled Visit

Just got back from the doctor for an unscheduled visit.  I have been monitoring my blood pressure and heart rate since last week's visit.  On Friday morning, my heart rate was 124.  I sent a text to Nana (who happens for work at my doctor's office) and she said to keep monitoring it and if it gets that high again, I would have to go in to the office.  Well, this morning my heart rate was 124 and I was seeing flashes of light.  I stopped what I was doing, tried to calm myself down and took my blood pressure.  My blood pressure has been fine, it's just my heart rate that seems elevated at times.  I called Nana and she told me to get into the office NOW and they would check my blood pressure.  All was good while I was there.  In fact, when the doctor took my blood pressure it was 120/60....normal!  The doctor checked the baby's heart rate and said all is great.  My regularly scheduled appointment is on Monday and I have to do a 24 hour urine sample and bring that with me and they will do more blood work then as well.  I'm 31 weeks along and this baby is certainly making her presence known. Matt finished painting the nursery yesterday and I am excited to start decorating.  Pics will be posted when all is done.  Off to rest to I can keep my blood pressure and heart rate down.  

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