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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Week #28 Visit

The dreaded Glucose test! Dun dun dun!  I've done it already once this pregnancy and, to be honest, the drink doesn't bother me.  My doctor gives me the drink to take home the appointment before and I put it in the fridge so it's nice and cold when I have to drink it.  Plus, it tastes like the orange drink from McDonalds!  How can you go wrong with that? :)  I had another ultrasound this visit to check on the baby's growth.  She is about 3lbs and in the 61%...following along her curve nicely.  Her head, however, is HUGE and shaped liked a football!  At least it looks huge on the ultrasound. I think this may be the first visit where everything is great!  No issues with anything and I was in and out.  My next appointment is in 2 weeks and I will have another growth ultrasound.  All in all, an uneventful appointment...thankfully!  

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